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Carbonator® is a total “Environmental Friendly” and “Safe” equipment for waste treatment from Industrial Scheduled Wastes, Medical Hazardous Wastes, Biomass Wastes and Municipal Solid (Mixed Organic) Wastes. 

Carbonator® performs high efficiency of waste reduction in terms of weight and/or volume to wide range of moistures level and all kinds of mixed organic. It utilizes thermal (hot air) from clean fuel, indirect heating concept, non-oxygen presence condition, low-medium process temperatures and pressures to carry out the process treatment of “Drying” and “Carbonization”.

Carbonator® leaves no wastewater pollution, no soil contamination, and does not produce pollutant gases such as Dioxin & Furan, NOx, SOx, CO and Dust Particulates. In the event of any emission of these compounds, it will only be as trace amounts.

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